5 Types of Emails to Bond and Build Trust with Your Email List

Kent Stuver
5 min readOct 12, 2021
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Now that you have an email list, what the heck do you write? Here are five types of messages you can send that will let you bond and build trust with your subscribers.

As a freelancer, solopreneur, coach, or consultant, your email list is your most valuable asset online.

And, your email newsletter is the foundation of your email marketing plan. But, you need your email subscribers to know, like, & trust you.

These email marketing ideas build that trust. In fact, you’ll find these email marketing tips incredibly powerful.

Knowing how powerful your email list is, then your social media marketing strategy, Facebook groups, Messenger marketing, and everything else you do to attract and grow an audience should all funnel people into your list.

As Diane Hochman says, the key to making your email list a powerful tool is to build a relationship with your subscribers.

These five types of messages are non-promotional. But they build that relationship of trust that freelancers and solopreneurs need to create with potential clients. They are how you provide value to the subscribers on your list outside of your pure promotions.


Curation in this context is a fancy term for when you find something cool and you share it with your email list.

The best content to curate is, of course, content that you create yourself. So, when you create a blog post, a YouTube video, a Facebook Live, a podcast episode, or anything else that will provide value to the people on your list, you should send out an email about it.

But you can also curate cool content that someone else creates.

The key is that you are finding something that your subscribers will think of as cool (not just what you think is cool). Here are few examples.

  • TED talks.
  • A video or article from a great teacher, like Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, or Tony Robbins.
  • A music video of uplifting music.
  • An article or blog post that someone else posted, which will be valuable to your readers.

Curation emails can be very short and are a great option for days when you don’t have much to say.


An Invitation message is an invitation to your subscribers to come and participate in any event that isn’t a money-making event. This can be an event that you host, or an event that someone else is hosting. It can be a live, in-person event. But you will have a greater reach with an online event.

A great example of this is a webinar that you will attend. Another example might be an awesome Facebook Live that one of your mentors has announced.

Much of the time it can be as simple as, “Hey, I heard about this cool event that I’m going to go hang out at. Feel free to come hang out with us.”

Telling A Story

From time-to-time, your email subscribers will enjoy reading a longer-format story. The key is that the story should be relevant, entertaining, and uplifting.

To be clear, although authors can share fiction short-stories with your list, the opportunities go far beyond that.

The most powerful stories to share with your list are stories about your own experiences. Remember that you are a celebrity to your readers. They want to know everything about you. When you have an experience that is entertaining and uplifting, that is the type of story to share with your readers.

As a full-time RV’er and digital nomad, I’ve shared stories about how you can tell which state you are in by the roadkill you see, about listening to cowboy songs while driving through west Texas, and even about emptying the “poop tanks” on the RV.

No matter what the story is, you should always write in a twist at the end that will make the story uplifting.

I recently read an email message that was sent out to an email list about the death of the author’s brother after a life-long struggle with an illness. This story was particularly moving because of how the author added the twist at the end of how the experience made her realize the value of every day of her own life. And, she described how her brother’s passing had caused her to recommit to the things that were important in her own life.

It was powerful, and I felt compelled to take a look at my own life.

That is an emotional, touching story. Most stories will have some kind of a humorous bent to them. Some will have a lesson. Some will simply entertain.


When you send your list a Results message, you share a positive result without trying to sell or convince. They can be someone else’s results or your own. This is especially powerful for marketers who work with people or clients in order to help them obtain a specific result.

When you share these results in an appropriate way, you provide value to the readers on your list. You aren’t trying to sell anything, so there isn’t a resistance to believing what you are telling them. But, you show your readers that they also may be able to obtain the same positive result in their own lives.

Love Letter

You can think of this as a “customer appreciation” type of a message. This isn’t something to use right out of the gates, and isn’t something to use very often.

But, when you reach a significant milestone or have a significant event happen, you can reach out to your list and express your appreciation to them.

All five of these types of messages to your email list are powerful ways to bond with your subscribers. They build your subscribers’ trust in you. They touch on deep human needs that we all have.

Sending these types of messages frequently to your subscribers is a primary way that you can make your readers fall in love with you and want to buy everything you sell.

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